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The Mutilated Economy –

Are we approaching some fiscal precipice? Some might argue that there is always a precipice near. The more pressing question is what are we to do about it? In a nod to Jonathan Swift, what follows is a modest proposal for the present circumstances.

With the economy still reeling from recession, a government that cannot seem to agree on anything–and seemingly in an endless loop of potentially shutting down–many continue to worry about how they can fund their own lives. What is the solution to this problem? Many sights are set on the government itself. A seemingly leaderless behemoth at the root of the problem.

Perhaps our government should simply cease to exist. In fact, anything that seeks to divorce us from our hard-earned and singly deserved money should also be scrapped. Surely our own good will can fill the vacuum that would exist. If we had all of our resources at our disposal, we no doubt would go out of our way to meet the public good. Many argue that the government gets in the way of this process. Money would trickle down from on high, poverty would be a distant memory, and we would find paradise where we once found gloom.

On the other hand, perhaps that view of the future is from rose colored glasses. Rather, one could sit back and watch this Potemkin Village be pillaged. The whole concept of value would be thrown on its head. Once coveted wealth that equated to power would mean nothing. All the money in the world would not help those determined to defend their way of life from the much larger number of those fighting for life itself.

As problematic as it might be, the government is the embodiment of a social compact. It represents the mechanism for us to resolve our differences. Whether we want to admit it, there must be some incentive for us to cast our lot for the common good. The government provides the impetus for such an exchange.


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