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I often wonder what happens to my garbage. To some this may seem a silly thing to ponder–but with a steadily growing consumer population and a finite amount of physical space on the planet for that growing population–it is a vital question. The label of consumer population is important because the vast majority of what we consume produces an undeniable amount of refuse that must take up space somewhere on this planet. As more of the population becomes accustomed to the fancy packaging that has mystified most of the consuming population, the need for greater space will be necessary.

I’m not sure if the consequences of what I throw away today will impact my life, but I do wonder what the impact will be to my children, their children, and all of the future generations for that matter. This is one of many things that can cause my mind to continue working long after my head hits the pillow. My intention in writing this is not to create some environmental rant. The environment is part of the issue, but the larger issue is our inability to probe deeply beyond our immediate interests. To do so would be to love others as much as we love ourselves. While these words generally describe the way we all likely assume we live–myself included–upon deeper reflection I would argue that many of us fall far short of that mark.


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